Microlux LED Light Fitting

The Microlux has been designed with both affordability and application in mind without having to compromise on the quality of LEDs used - the Microlux also utilises the latest in LED technology. The Microlux utilises 2 x 1.25 watt high powered LEDs, with a 90 degree viewing angle, which has been designed to maximise the light output from this compact device. The Microlux excels in a variety of applications due to it's price tag and performance. With more than 50,000 hours of life and multi-voltage as standard, this is the ultimate in bright low cost LED solutions.


  • super bright power LEDs
  • Multivoltage (10V-32V)
  • Ultraslim profile
  • IP67
  • 50,000 hours life
Specification (Model SI3_2-1MW)
Supply voltage 12/24 Vdc
Voltage Range 10 to 32 Vdc
Average Current 12V = 0.22A 24V = 0.12A Lumens 200
Tube/Bulb/LEDs 2 x 1.5W
Weight 0.165 kg
Temperature Range -30 to +40 °c

Specification subject to alteration.

Further data sheets available for component parts and systems for low Voltage and solar powered systems. Contact us for more information.

Microlux LED Light Fitting

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