Self Contained Solar Lighting Kits for Portable Toilets

Solar power provides the ideal solution for applications where lighting is required in areas located away from a mains supply or the installation will only be in situ for a brief period.

Using the QWS self contained solar lighting kit provides the ideal solution for portable toilet lighting applications. Housed within its own enclosure are a battery solar charger, LED lighting and a motion sensor (PIR). During hours of darkness, the PIR activates the lighting for periods of use. After the cubicle as been vacated the lighting automatically switches off to save power.

The solar panel, not housed within the enclosure, can be placed in a position to suit.

System information
System Voltage 12v Charge Regulator Steca
Dimensions (approx) 250 x 180 x 130mm Activation duration 1 min after occupancy
Weight (approx) 5kg Lighting availability hours Dusk until dawn
Battery Capacity 14Ah Hours of autonomy > 10 days
Light Power 1W Expected usage for 365 days of year > 3 hours
Solar Panel information
Dimensions (approx) 690 x 470 x 5mm Max power 33W(p)
Fixing method Adhesive backing, rivets or additional Light Power 1W

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