Power Nebula LED light fitting

The Power Nebula utilises 6 x 0.5W Power LEDs to create a clean bright, energy efficient light source which can be fitted into a wide range of applications. Mounted in a tough aluminium housing, the extruded profile provides rigidity and strength but keeps weight to a minimum, and the anodised finish protects against corrosion. Waterproof to IP68, the PCB, electronics and cable exits are all completely encapsulated with polyurethane protecting against moisture ingress. The combination of using high quality materials and electronics in the manufacture of this light significantly increases the life of the light to over 60,000 hours.


  • CREE LED's
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • Tough aluminium housing
  • Switched version available
  • Easy to install low profile unit
Model No S15_6-0.5 S15_6-0.5/2
Supply voltage 12 Vdc 24 Vdc
Voltage Range 10 to 15 Vdc 20 to 32 Vdc
Average Current 0.33 A 0.16 A
Total Lumen output >180 Lm >180 Lm
LED's 6 x 0.5W 6 x 0.5W
Weight 0.22 kg 0.22 kg

*optimum output at 12 or 24V. Specification subject to alteration.

Further data sheets available for component parts and systems for low Voltage and solar powered systems. Contact us for more information.

Power Nebula LED light fitting

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