Solar Charge Regulator / Energy Management Controller

The Steca PR Night is a solar lighting controller (up to 300 Wp) for automatic lighting control in various applications such as PV powered street lights, bus shelters or billboard lighting. The controller detects day and night using the PV array. An entirely new feature is the integrated clock that sets itself automatically based on the levels of brightness detected during a 24 hour day.

There are two major options:

  • the light switches on after sunset
  • the light switches on before sunrise

Housing is supplied prewired to connect directly into QWS wiring harnesses and houses a sealed 10A system fuse and a magnetic test point.

Solar Charge Controller in IP rated waterproof enclosure

Specifically designed to provide easy installation into QWS solar lighting systems and provide additional protection from the elements.

Specification - Solar Charge Controller (PR0606N and PR1010N)
System voltage 12V (24V)
Max module input short circuit current 6A and 10A
Max load current output 6A and 10A
Max self consumption 6mA
End of charge voltage (float) 13.7V / (27.4V) boost
Charge voltage (time limited 2 hrs) 14.4V / (28.8V)
Equalisation charge programmable (deactivated for gel accu) 14.7V or 15.0V / (29.4V)
Reconnection set point (SOC / LVR) >50% SOC / 12.6V (25.2V)
Deep discharge protection (SOC / LVD) <30% SOC / 11.1V (22.2V)
Ambient temperature allowed -25°C - +50°C
Pre-wired for 2 x PV input, 1 x LED/PIR,
6 batteries
6.3mm crimps & Amp Superseal series
Enclosures protection class IP64
Weight 700g
Dimensions L x W x H 201 x 163 x 98mm
Night light function 19h to 3h
Morning light function 23h to 7h

Technical data at 25 °C / 77 °F. Specification subject to change without prior notice.


  • PWM shunt battery charging
  • State of charge (SOC) battery regulation
  • Boost charging
  • Equalising charge
  • Float charging
  • Automatic load reconnection automatic selection of voltage (12 V / 24 V)
  • Temperature compensation
  • Positive grounding (or) negative grounding on one terminal
  • Field adjustable parameters by two buttons
  • Factory adjustable

Electronic Protection

  • High voltage disconnect (HVD)
  • Low voltage disconnect (LVD)
  • Depth of discharge disconnection (DOD) reverse polarity of solar modules
  • Reverse polarity of load & battery electronic fuse
  • Short circuit of solar modules
  • Short circuit of load
  • Over temperature
  • Over voltage
  • Lightning protection by varistor
  • Low electronic interference (EMC) open circuit battery
  • Reverse current at night


  • Three LEDs
  • (1) Adjustment mode LED
  • (2) PV system LED
  • (3) State of charge LED
Solar Charge Regulator / Energy Management Controller

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