Solar Powered Teen Shelter Lighting

Ideally suited for security or background lighting, the shelter is automatically lit during shelter occupation periods.

The kit utilises an intelligent solar charge regulator that contains a timer, & the kit has been designed to provide up to 4 hours lighting per evening.

The system uses a solar panel to charge the battery during the day and then this battery capacity is used at night to operate the lighting. When the motion sensor detects movement the lighting is automatically switched on, and switches off again shortly after the shelter is vacated.

The system controller also has an inbuilt feature to protect the battery from damage due to excessive discharge.

System information
System Voltage 12v Sensor operation Unoccupied - Lighting Off
Occupied - Lighting On
Battery capacity 100Ah Lighting duration after vacation 8 mins
Light source Power Nebula Activation duration Dusk til 11pm
Charge regulator PR0606N-IP Solar panel information 1 x 33W(p)
Motion sensor Yes Anticipated usage per night 4 hours bright light
Solar Powered Teen Shelter Lighting

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